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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Difficult Driving Conditions

Good drivers understand that they need to adjust their driving techniques, depending on road, weather, and environmental conditions. These kinds of circumstances include roadbeds that are under repair or which are dotted with dangerous potholes, as well as roads which are wet, snow-covered, or icy. In addition, motor vehicle operators must drive differently during heavy downpours and blizzards than they do during ideal weather conditions. Experienced drivers also know that they may need to make adjustments in their driving techniques, depending on whether they are driving on suburban roads, highways, city streets, and dimly lit country roads. Experienced drivers can learn about those conditions and techniques and other useful safe driving information by enrolling in a defensive driving class

To cite one example of difficult driving conditions: navigating along dark, winding country roads requires adjustments in speed, especially at bends in the roadbed. What might be hiding in the woods off the side of the road? Might it be a deer or some other animal that could possibly dart into the road just ahead of you? What about tree branches that may have fallen onto the road? You should use your high beams and, while you keep your eyes trained on the road ahead of you, it is a good idea to attempt to scan the sides of the road several yards ahead.

New drivers should be extremely careful when driving in difficult driving conditions. Driving is a skill that new drivers need to develop. In Florida you can take a first time driving course.


JPorter Industries, Inc. said...

I think that alot of people just drive how ever the want to drive. I had a person next to me in snow and ice continue to gun the car over and over again. I think they liked making the car slide. i did not like how close his car was sliding next to mine... Keep us all safe if you cant drive well in bad weather... stay home... thanks

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