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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Eating and Drinking and Talking and…

Many drivers are so relaxed behind the wheel that they don’t hesitate to multitask as they travel down the road. Most of us listen to the car radio or to a CD or carry on conversations with passengers as we drive. For the most part, those are automatic activities which do not require thought, so they are not really distracting. Of course, looking at the radio while changing channels or adjusting the volume could be dangerous. And changing CDs is an absolutely perilous thing to do.

In some states, a driver who is seen doing one of those things might draw the attention of a passing police officer. Of course, holding a cell phone while driving is illegal in basically every jurisdiction in the United States. You could learn more about distracted driving and other driver related information by taking a defensive driving class.

How about holding a hot dog or sipping from a cup of coffee? How distracting is it to light up a cigarette or cigar or pipe while driving?

To find out for sure which of those activities are illegal (all of them could be dangerous), you might want to check with specific websites in the state in which you reside: Texas defensive driving course, California online traffic school, Florida online traffic school, or Washington defensive driving class.


JPorter Industries, Inc. said...

We all have done this at one time or another, eating & talking on the phone while driving... I guess the older you get the smarter you get. Go to driving school and take a driving class and you will know when it is not a good idea for people to do this.

5:03 PM


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