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Friday, January 19, 2007

Did You Know?

You probably know that your prior driving record, in terms of accidents and moving violations, is taken into account when you apply for automobile insurance. But, did you know that your credit rating is often considered in terms of whether or not you will be offered a policy and, if so, what you will pay for that insurance? Did you also know that insurance carriers do not all provide the same types of coverage, and that their premiums may differ by substantial amounts?

Having adequate automobile liability insurance is essential—and it required by law. In most states, driving without proof of insurance is a serious offense.

Some state motor vehicle departments forgive points that have been accrued due to auto accidents and moving violations to drivers who complete a defensive driving class. In addition, many insurance carriers offer discounted rates to drivers who provide proof of having completed such classes.

Since laws vary by state, you should do some investigating to determine what is required in your locality. You could look into: Florida defensive driving class, Texas defensive driving course, California online traffic school, or Washington defensive driving class.


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