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Monday, January 15, 2007

No Room for Road Rage

Understanding and combating road rage: another good reason to consider a defensive driving class.

We all know how it feels. You’ve got just enough time to make it to work. Everything’s going fine, when suddenly some no-account so-and-so whips right out in front of you, making it impossible for you to make your turn in time. Now you’ve got to spend an extra 15 minutes getting back on the right track.

In such a situation, we basically have two responses. We can be sensible adults, say something like, “Oh, drat!” and then accept the fact that through no fault of our own, we’re going to be a few minutes late for work. After all, that’s the “adult” thing to do.

But we might, as a result of our pride, decide to take it personally and act as though someone intentionally set out to do us harm. This, in our childish fit of pique, might lead us to rapidly pursue after the offender, fingers and foul language flying, horn blaring, paying little attention to the rest of traffic. I’ll show that rotten #@*&!! He’s not gonna get away with that as long as I’ve got something to say about it!!

Besides being grossly immature, such adrenaline-fueled escapades are extremely dangerous. How many injuries and even fatalities have resulted from some driver’s pride having been wounded? And what’s the point, anyway? That another driver made what seemed to be a bonehead move? Well, we’ve all done that. When we make such mistakes, should we expect some crazy person to come charging after us to teach us a lesson? Let’s hope not.

So, lighten up. Drive sensibly. For more information, check out an instructive class; defensive driving is for everyone.


Benjamin said...

There is no reason to get angry with another driver. No one intentionally tries to anger other drivers. Most of the time it is a mistake, or possibly you were in their blind spot. It is important to remember, we all make mistakes and we shouldn’t get upset about it.

3:24 PM


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