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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Offensive vs. Defensive Driving

Imagine if you can, driving in a city where there are no traffic lights; instead of using turn signals, drivers honk repeatedly; and pedestrians have no right of way. That’s how it is in many parts of India. There, you cross a street at your own risk—drivers won’t stop for you. If you happen to be driving, you are expected to drive as aggressively as possible, using your horn when you approach a vehicle in front of you. In fact, you’ll see trucks with signs reading, “Use horn, please.”

I’ve been to India and seen the chaos of lawless, aggressive driving firsthand—sometimes you wonder how you’ll make it home without getting in a wreck. In India, they don’t have defensive driving.

Thankfully, the crowded, dangerous chaos that is an accepted part of many Indian roadways is something that most of us in the US can only imagine. Here, we have traffic lights, turn signals, and laws that are well-enforced. But these tools are only as good as the people behind the wheel—and there are lots of vehicles.

That’s why it’s important to be able to drive defensively—you’ve got to be able to protect yourself and your passengers when you drive. A defensive driving class is available in many states: California online traffic school, Florida driving school, Texas defensive driving course, and Washington defensive driving class.


Benjamin said...

Driving in the US is much different than driving outside of the US. The different driving styles can be seen inside the US too. Driving in Miami (where there is a large immigrant population), you may experience several of the same problems you would find in India. We need to all use more caution when we drive. Remember, lives are at stake!

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