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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Preparing for an Emergency

Although we all take driving our cars for granted, we should be prepared for emergencies, such as a breakdown, a flat tire, or a collision. Besides driving carefully, which you can learn more about in a defensive driving class, there are special preparations that we can make to help us out in the event that we are confronted with one of these unpleasant situations.

You should have the following items in your car: a flashlight, road flares or some other kind of device to warn other cars that you have broken down, jumper cables, a can of tire refill, a spare tire, jack and other tools for changing a tire, and a cell phone.

For those who live in places in which ice and snow may be present, you should have a windshield ice scraper and snow brush. In addition, your tires should be all weather or snow tires. Keeping a blanket in your trunk might be a good idea.

It is a good idea to have snacks that do not need refrigeration, such as granola bars, and water in your car. Those items would come in handy in the unlikely event that you are stranded in an isolated spot for a length of time.


Benjamin said...

Excellent tip! I try to carry an emergency kit at minimum, but always have a few cliff bars on hand.

3:26 PM


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