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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ten Defensive Driving Tips

Here is a list of ten defensive driving tips:

  1. Never tailgate; use the three-second rule.

  2. Depend on your side view and rearview mirrors, and remember to turn your head to check your blind spots.

  3. Follow all speed limit and other road regulations at all times.

  4. Never pass a vehicle on the right. The driver may have a difficult time seeing you.

  5. When the traffic light changes to green, count to three before you proceed through the intersection. This allows latecomers through.

  6. Be sure to take into consideration weather and road conditions, as well as differences between city streets, suburban roads, and country lanes. Also, you may need to drive differently at night from the way you drive during the day.

  7. Be prepared to slow down or stop when you see pedestrians, especially children, at intersections.

  8. Always use your turn signals.

  9. When driving at night, remember to turn your high beams off when cars approach you.

  10. Buckle up.

You can learn more safe driving tips by taking a defensive driving class. Failing to follow these 10 basic driving rules may lead to traffic violations. If you receive a traffic violation, you may be able to get your traffic ticket dismissed after attending one of the following defensive driving courses online: California online traffic school, Texas defensive driving course, or Florida online traffic school.


Steve said...

These are great defensive driving tips. I wish more people would take online defensive driving classes and follow the safe driving tips.

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