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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Watch Out for the Little Ones

What is more important than getting there on time? Of course, it’s getting there safely. And, the most important part of that is making sure that your passengers, especially small children, are safe.

Before you think about allowing a child in your car, you must make sure you have the appropriate type of child seat. You should find out the rules for child seats that pertain to the state in which you live:
Texas defensive driving course, California online traffic school, Florida online traffic school, and Washington defensive driving class.

Besides using the appropriate kind of child seat, in most states, it is illegal for children under a certain age to be in the front seat of a moving vehicle. You should take a defensive driving class to learn more about specific child seat regulations and other safety tips to avoid accidents.


Steve said...

Everyone should have a child seat in the car for their children. It should fit properly into the seat, and be designed for your car. You wouldn't wear football pads that were too big, would you?

2:58 PM


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