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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Should I Care about Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving online courses are available in many states. They are informative, affordable, and even interesting. But so what? What is it that makes a defensive driving course online better than, say, a cooking course?

Oh, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with learning to cook, or pursuing most any subject of interest. But here’s a thought. If you don’t know how to protect yourself and your passengers by driving defensively, everything else in your life is in question.

Hey, it’s important to know how to respond when faced with various driving scenarios. And in case you’re not convinced, consider this. If you burn a cake, you can start over. But if someone falls asleep at the wheel and veers into your lane at 65 mph, you’d better know what to do—quickly.

So, please do care; let’s make the roads safer for everyone. With just a few hours of instruction, you can learn how to respond to this and other significant driving-related situations. There is probably a defensive driving class in your area; classes are available in many states. Check out Defensive Driving Online to find out more.


Benjamin said...

Defensive driving courses are a great idea! Driving courses are especially a good idea if you reside in a state with constant snow fall and other adverse weather patterns.

2:12 PM


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