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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cleanliness is next to…essential

Keeping your car, truck, van, SUV, or bike clean is often considered optional. In fact, some people wash their cars only once or twice a year. Is this really a problem? Well, just imagine the driver only washing that often. Yuck!

When you first buy a car from a dealer—especially a new car—oh, how lovely it seems! Freshness and newness exude from every square inch of your new ride, from the first time you see it at the dealership.

Then, inevitably, life happens. Your vehicle quickly enters into a state of being…used.

The fact is, dirt, salt, cinders, snow, ice, and water all work to destroy your vehicle’s paint, parts, and body. If your vehicle is not regularly cleaned, you’ll end up with rust. This not only detracts from its appearance and resale value, but can also cause parts to not function properly—this can be quite dangerous.

Keeping the interior in good shape is also important (especially if children are regular passengers). Remember those two magic words: resale value. Not only that, but also think of the fact that oil from hands, dust from the air, and food from passengers can all damage a vehicle’s interior, or even cause certain parts to not function properly.

So, keep it clean. Your car will be safer and more valuable, and you’ll feel better driving it. This is one of the simplest defensive driving tips. For much more information, consider a defensive driving class.


Anonymous said...

Solid advice! Its something you are always concerned about, but its hard to keep up the pattern of keeping a clean vehicle. I guess they should remove the squeegees at the gas stations. I tend to use these and give myself what I call a dirt bath.

9:36 PM


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