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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Handling Winter Conditions: Part 1

Some people really like winter. These who say they do are usually not negotiating hazardous, ice-covered pavements in sub-freezing weather at the time. Going fast down a hill in a sled or on skis is one thing. Being out of control in a motor vehicle is something altogether different.

How can you protect yourself during winter driving? Here’s the number one rule to remember:

  • Go as slow as you need to, to be safe.
  • Here’s an important point to remember. While it may be true that you can handle driving at a certain speed, there’s no guarantee that the people in all the other vehicles on the road will be in total control of their cars. Therefore, you have to allow for more time than usual, to compensate not only for slippery road conditions, but also for any unforeseen actions from other drivers.

    Other tips will follow in this winter driving series, but none are more important than this one. It always pays to drive according to what the road conditions dictate.

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    Anonymous said...

    Watch out for black ice and slick road conditions. When in the snow, just sit-back and relax and enjoy the snow. No need to rush!

    9:29 PM


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