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Friday, February 16, 2007

Handling Winter Conditions: Part 2

This installment covers life-saving tips to remember when driving in winter conditions. If you have car trouble in favorable weather conditions, that’s bad enough. But if your vehicle is impaired when it’s very cold, the situation is no longer an annoying inconvenience; it has become potentially life-threatening.

There is now little excuse to not have a cell phone. This should be something every driver carries, especially in winter. If your vehicle stalls, is in a wreck, won’t restart, etc., you need to contact your auto club, local authorities, or someone in the area who can help you.

Cars that stall out and won’t restart can be extremely dangerous if the temperature drops much below freezing. Even if you have a cell phone, you may be waiting for a while for help to arrive. It is therefore imperative to keep an extra supply of warm clothes and blankets for yourself and your passengers.

Getting stuck is no fun, but you’ll have a much better chance of getting out if you take precautionary measures. It’s a good idea to carry a bag of cat litter so you can put some under the wheels to provide traction. Burlap bags, cardboard, or grocery sacks can also work well. Another way to have better traction in the first place is to make sure there’s enough weight in the trunk; sandbags are ideal for this.

For more about winter driving conditions and how to handle them, you may want to look into a defensive driving course online. It’s a cost-effective way to be prepared for all driving conditions.


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