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Monday, March 26, 2007

Emergency Vehicles

There are many valuable defensive driving tips you can pick up by looking into a defensive driving course online. Here’s an example of what you might learn at institutions such as the Florida driving school, Texas defensive driving course, or Washington defensive driving class.

Amazingly enough, not everyone stops for emergency vehicles. Yet, the fire trucks, ambulances, police, rescue, and other emergency vehicles have to get through—lives may depend on it. So, why would anyone not stop when they hear the wailing sirens and see the flashing lights?

Primarily, there are two reasons. Either the sounds and lights were not noticed, or the driver didn’t know where to stop. The first case would be due to distraction. This can be caused by loud music, talking to another passenger, using the cell phone, etc. Care should be taken to avoid not being able to pay attention to the road.

The second case, however, results when the driver just doesn’t know what to do: Should I pull over? What if I can’t find a good place? Can I just stop here? Will the other cars stop?

The answer is simply this: STOP--right where you are, unless by doing so, your vehicle will actually impede the emergency vehicle’s path.


Benjamin said...

I never use to stop for emergency vehicles. I knew you had to pull over, but I use to slow to 5 mph instead of coming to a complete stop. It wasn’t until I took an online driving course that I realized you need to come to a complete stop.

9:09 PM


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