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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How to Get to Where You’re Going

An important part of defensive driving is knowing where you’re going. The reason is simple. The more uncertainty you have about getting to your destination, the less certain your actions on the road will be. Also, you may be distracted by trying to read a map while driving, which is a big no-no. You can learn more from institutions such as the Texas defensive driving course, California online traffic school, Washington defensive driving class, and Florida Driving School.

For now, here are some helpful tips.

Let technology be your friend
Since at least the 1990s, most cars have come equipped with compasses and trip odometers (sometimes these exist for Trip A and Trip B). Newer cars and luxury cars may also have GPS and related systems to help you plan your trips and avoid getting lost. But none of these technologies will help unless you actually get into the habit of using them. Generally, they are not hard to learn.

Be very alert to road signs
Even if you plan your trip out in great detail, you’ve got to be paying close attention to avoid missing your turns. For example, if you know you’ve got to turn left in a few blocks, start moving that way now.

So, use technology if your car has it. If it doesn't, just use your head and pay attention--priority one in defensive driving.


Benjamin said...

Get a personal GPS device. I tried one on my last vacation. They really make life simple; the only problem is becoming dependent upon it.

9:37 PM


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