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Friday, March 16, 2007

More Reasons Not to Litter

America has led the way in cleaning up. As a nation, most of us have become decisively convinced that pollution is a bad thing. The majority of individuals, and most businesses as well, are doing a pretty good job of keeping things clean (despite what you may hear to the contrary). If you doubt our earnestness, try visiting countries that do not place a value on such things—the difference is striking.

What does this have to do with defensive driving? Simply that at one time in this country, people thought nothing of tossing any sort of trash out the window while driving. Now, however, most people would be embarrassed beyond measure to even toss out a biodegradable napkin—and that’s a good thing.

In addition to environmental stewardship, there are many other very good reasons not to litter from a moving vehicle:

  • If you throw out a lit cigarette, it can end up smoldering in your back seat (remember Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?)

  • Tossing out anything if there’s a car behind you can end up in front of another driver’s direct vision, causing him or her to not be able to see the road—this can cause accidents

  • You might have to pay up to $500 for throwing out a gum wrapper. Is it worth it?

  • A Defensive Driving Class such as the California online traffic school or the Florida Driving School can give you more defensive driving information. But for now, when it comes to littering—just keep a litter bag in the car. Our trash has no place on the road.


    Benjamin said...

    There is no reason to litter! You won't leave trash on your bed. Would you? You do not need to take a defensive driving course to tell you this common sense rule.

    8:59 PM


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