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Friday, March 30, 2007

Moving Strategy

Moving (or helping someone to move) can be a hassle. There’s all the furniture, small items, and heavy labor—and that’s before the sorting and rearranging process once you get there.

When it comes to defensive driving, what things do you need to remember when hauling lots of items? Here are a few tips that can help you avoid problems.

Don’t obscure your view
It’s tempting to pack your vehicle to the absolute max, especially if the items you’re hauling have to go any considerable distance. However, piling up boxes or furniture is not a good idea if you can’t see behind you. Make sure you do not lose your rear view ability.

Now is not the time for speed
You’ll need to travel slower than usual, especially if you’re hauling fragile items. Think of it this way—if some of your stuff flies out into the street, you’re looking at a real problem. Go slow and use your hazard lights if appropriate.

Brake sooner
Having a vehicle full of stuff means you’ve got to start braking sooner than you normally would. A sudden stop could mean a chair flying over the top of your truck—not good.

You can learn more about safe driving by looking into a defensive driving course online.


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