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Monday, March 19, 2007

Right Where You Live—and Drive

Did you know there’s a defensive driving course available wherever you may live? It’s true. For example, if you happen to be out west, there’s the California traffic school, or, more specifically, the Humboldt California online traffic school and Los Angeles traffic school.

But what if you happen to live down south? No problem. You may want to consider this course, defensive driving texas style. Or, if you’re even farther south (and a bit east), there’s the Florida driving school or Florida online traffic school.

And if you’re in the northern parts of the US, don’t worry—you’re not forgotten. There’s the Washington defensive driving class, just right for you.

What do all these courses have in common? A couple of things. First, they are each well-suited to provide you the skills you need to drive safely in the various conditions and circumstances you may face on the road. Second, they’re convenient: online, inexpensive, and not terribly time-consuming.

Fine, but are they helpful? Many major insurance companies think so—that’s why they offer discounts to drivers who successfully complete them. Maybe yours does—find out today.


Benjamin said...

If the last time you took a driving course was in high school, its time to take a refresher course.

9:01 PM


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