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Monday, March 12, 2007

Safe Map Reading

Ever see someone (presumably from out of town) try to read a map while driving? Sure. In fact, if you’re like most of us, you’ve done it yourself.

Now, here’s a question. Sure, you may have done this—but would you recommend it? Probably not. And why not? Because we all realize it’s not safe.

In case you disagree with this fundamental point, consider that road conditions can change in a split-second. A dog, ball, or even a child can suddenly be in the middle of the road—the same road that only two seconds ago (when you took your attention from the road to look at the map) seemed completely desolate.

Answers to all your defensive driving questions can be answered at fine institutions such as the Florida Driving School, Washington defensive driving class, and and California online traffic school.

As for the situation described above, the answer is simple: find a safe area to park, signal, pull over, stop, put on your hazard lights, and then read the map at your leisure. How much time will it take? Maybe an extra minute (if that). And it could save a life—maybe yours. Come on—you’re not in that big a hurry, are you?


Benjamin said...

If you are going to drive and read the map, at least don't do it in heavy traffic.

8:56 PM


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