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Friday, April 13, 2007

Dummy Lights: Part 3

This is the last installment in the series on dashboard warning lights. Understanding what your car is telling you is an important part of safe driving.

Battery charge light

If this light comes on, it means your alternator isn’t doing its job. You may be okay to drive, but avoid using the radio, defrost, A/C, etc. if possible. Definitely avoid shutting the car off, once you get it started—you might not be able to start it again if you do.

It’s best not to drive anywhere under these conditions, unless it’s to a service station. They’ll be able to set you up with a new battery and/or alternator.

Emissions lights

Unlike the other dashboard warning indicators, this one’s not too serious. If it comes on, you’ll still be okay to drive, although your car may not get as good gas mileage as it normally would. If the light continues to come on, you may want to bring it in to have it looked at.

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