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Friday, May 11, 2007

Dealing with Sunday Drivers

A good defensive driving class online can teach you all about defensive driving—like what to do in the following situation.

Let’s say you’re traveling to work. Due to construction, the traffic in the other direction is bumper-to-bumper. Fine. But there’s a 1964 Dodge Dart moving at 35 mph in front of you, although the speed limit is 55. What do you do?

a) Repeatedly ram into the offending driver in front of you until he gets his old clunker off the road.

b) If your vehicle is bigger, force the older, smaller car off the road so you can get to work on time.

c) Honk repeatedly until the driver in front of you gets the hint that hey, this isn’t a dirt road—the speed limit is 55, minimum 45.

d) Beat on the steering wheel, veer your car left and right quickly, shout, and look for things to throw at the idiot driver that’s making you late for work.

e) Pull over and pout. Cry as needed. Call in sick to work and go home.

Okay, no suspense here—the correct answer is C. But what about using the shoulder, some of you might ask? Hmmmm…


joe said...

Well this situaton is a nobody wins scenario. Most construction zones are 45 mph and due to the increased efforts for construction worker safety issues, you as a driver really cannot do anything. You just have to be patient and hopefully this slow driver merges off the highway or as soon as the work zone ends pass this slow vehicle. In this time and age everyone is in a hurry. Granted in this situation you cannot predict that you will be stuck behind a Sunday driver, you just have to wait it out. You can also forget about driving on the shoulder which is very illegal and dangerous. You also have to pay attention to workers working on the highways, so driving slow for a few miles won't be so bad and nobody could get hurt. Penalties in construction zones are very stiff and these workers put their lives on the line to finish road work which is very difficult to finish at any time of the day.

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