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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

If You’ve Got to Use the Phone While Driving…

A Defensive driving course online can teach you all about safe driving, and may even save you money on car insurance. Now, here’s a safe driving tip.

Ever see people using their cell phones while driving? Of course. If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably done it yourself (this author certainly has). But there are ways to make this practice more safe.


Unlike headphones, an earbud is a speaker for your phone that you only use in one ear. Therefore, you can use this and still have an ear open for traffic-related noises. It’s important, though, to have this already in your ear before you start driving. Otherwise, fumbling around and trying to put it in your ear while driving can cause more problems than not using it at all.


Not all cell phones have this feature, but anymore, most probably do. All you do is push a button and it’s on—you don’t have to mess with the phone again (unless you get another call, in which case you just press another button).

Phone mount

It’s good to not have to dig into your pocket or purse while driving. Phone mounts are available to keep your phone right in front of you.

Bottom line: Always have a cell phone with you while driving, but don’t let it prevent you from driving safely.


Joe said...

Cell phone use is kind of a touchy subject. Yes, it is good to have a cell phone available with you in case of emergencies, but it's a little different if you are in deep conversation. If that is the case, the best thing to do is to pull over to a safe spot and finish your converstion. Never talk on the phone if the conversation is heated or of extreme importance. Things like that need your full attention and continuing on would take your attention away from your driving and leave you more prone to accidents. Small talk is fine with the use of a ear bud, blue tooth intrument or speaker phone. But most importantly, paying attention while driving is your first priority and if the call is that urgent then pull over. You could save a life or even yours by doing that.

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