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Friday, May 04, 2007

Planned Pit-Stops

An important part of defensive driving is planning ahead to avoid being taken by surprise. If you’re going to be traveling some distance (say, over two hours), it’s best to think about things like where you’ll stop to find a bathroom, food, etc.

Normally, this should not be a problem. However, in some parts of most states, facilities can be few and far between. This is particularly the case in portions of states such as New Mexico, Arizona, and others.

So, what to do? When you see an upcoming exit with facilities, first consider whether you need to go ahead and take that exit. If so, be sure to get in the appropriate lane to get there safely. If it seems like you can wait, just make sure it won’t be 100 miles until the next facilities are available.

Does this sound insignificant? Think of it this way—the safest drivers are not those who really need the bathroom or are distracted by hunger. It’s best to take care of such needs at opportune times, so you can stay focused behind the wheel.

Of course driving safely involves much more than a simple tip like this. There’s plenty of good information available from the Florida Driving School, Washington defensive driving class, Texas defensive driving course, and California online traffic school.


Anonymous said...

I had a terrible experience while driving from my town to small town. I had a lot of water that moring and bathroom facility was at distance. I was in trouble, I lost my concentration quite a few times before I reached to the facility. I am sure many people must have similar experience like that. Sometime you can be stuck in a traffic in big cities. So you have planned ahead of your trip.

2:14 PM

Joe said...

If you have planned out your route always try to stop at a reputable rest stop. Some of the smaller ones might be closed or a little off the freeway which might not be familiar to you. When making multiple trips always try to stop at the same rest stop, so that your won't be surprised with anything unexpected. Also carry coins with you, some vending machines might not take dollar bills and they might also not have a change machine. If you ae tired, stop, drink something and take a rest. Tired drivers can also be a danger to other drivers. One more point is when you stop at a rest area, always kept things out of sight and to lock your vehicle.

4:49 PM


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