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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Should You Run from the Cops?

Well, duh. Not unless you really don’t like freedom and don’t mind being tackled and sent to jail. But you’d be surprised. Some of those cop-related shows show videos of long car chases, usually ending in apprehension of the suspect—sometimes they end more tragically than this. Apparently these folks didn’t have any interest in defensive driving.

What’s really amazing, though, is that many of these outrageous car chases began with some extremely minor violation, such as a rolling stop, failing to use a turn signal, or something like that. But the driver panicked, and then the accumulation of offenses began. Misdemeanors quickly turned into felonies, and countless people’s lives were put into danger by high-speed, reckless chases.

True, some of these drivers were on parole or probation, and that’s why they ran. But some had no prior offenses, and they just lost their head when they saw the police. Maybe—just maybe—some of these would not have freaked out, if they had already gone through a defensive driving course.

To know how to handle stressful situations is important. And there’s no doubt that having the police pull you over, even for a minor traffic violation, can be unnerving if you’re not prepared for it. Another good reason to look into a defensive driving class online.


joe said...

Rule number one: never run from the cops. If you happen to get pulled over, have your Drivers License ready and your proof of insurance and registration. Put these items in plain sight and turn off your vehicle's engine. Roll down your window and place both hands on the steering wheel. Police officers are trained to be very careful when pulling over motorists and the easier you make it for them, the easier it will be for you regardless of any offense you may or may not have committed. Have a pleasant demeaner and cooperate fully. Remember to relax and if anything you can ask for the officer's badge number and name which is pinned to his/her uniform. Sometimes, being pleasant may just get you a warning and you would be able to continue on your way and to remind you that you should not forget the rules of the road for that state.

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