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Monday, May 07, 2007

Surviving out in the Sticks

My wife and I were recently driving in a very rural part of the Midwest. Natural beauty notwithstanding, there was absolutely no cell phone signal—makes you think. Since a gas station (or town, for that matter) may be some distance away, what happens if, heaven forbid, you have car trouble in the middle of nowhere? Here are some things to remember.

Always have the essentials…
Year-round this means liquids. You can go for quite awhile without food, but you’ve got to keep your fluids up, especially since you may end up having to walk a ways. Having snacks is a nice bonus. It’s not a bad idea to stock some non-perishable supplies to get you through a night. You should also still have your cell phone, because eventually it will work, if you get close enough to where there’s reception.

…especially if it’s cold
In the winter, you’ll need all this and more. If your car won’t run at all, it means you have no heat. Don’t be without plenty of blankets in the winter. And have your hazard lights on, if they work. This would be a good time to use flares, too.

Country driving can be fun, and sometimes it’s essential—but it’s wise to be prepared for the possibility of car trouble.

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Anonymous said...

It is important to have certain essential things with you while you are going from town to town. You may travel from one State to another and there may be many rural areas in the way. You can't be in touch with anyone, if you can't get phone signal. In that case, you must have phone diary that you can keep in your car. You can't rely on storing phone nos. in your cell phone.

And in winter you need to be more prepared while driving. To have shovel, blanket, some non-perishable food is very important.

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