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Monday, May 14, 2007

Wait or Go?

Did you know you can take a defensive driving course online? The California online traffic school, Washington defensive driving class, and Florida Driving School offer opportunities to improve your safe driving skills.

When discussing safe driving practices, one subject that often comes up is that of gray areas. For example, if four cars all arrive at a 4-way stop at the same time, who should go first? Drivers can usually sort this one out.

A more serious dilemma, however, can be making a decision about gunning it in certain situations. For example, when faced with a yellow light, should you speed up to get through it, knowing there will be a wait at a red light if you don’t?

Or how about at a railroad crossing? If there’s a loooong train coming, but the lights and bells are sounding (and the arm hasn’t dropped, or there is no arm), do you go ahead and try to beat the train?

Here’s the question you always have to consider: Is it worth risking the life of myself or my passengers to save a little time? Cars stall; other unforeseen events happen. In short, whenever there’s doubt about the safety of yourself or others, it’s best to wait.


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