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Client Testimonials

Our primary focus is to serve the needs of businesses and individuals seeking to increase knowledge, save money and improve performance; on and off the job through our series of on-line defensive driving courses. To meet this need, ETI, surveys students to determine how we can improve our courses and delivery systems. Here are just a few of the comments we have received from our clients:

  • My Company has loved working with ETI, they are the best! ETI has saved us time and a whole lot of money... John W. - Delaware

  • “Great course to save money on insurance costs,” Nancy S. – Texas

  • “I did not have to waste a weekend going (to class) to get that very same info,” George P. - Georgia

  • “It made me realize to be more cautious and it lowered my insurance,” Angela W. - Texas

  • “State is not going to turn in my speeding tickets to my insurance company. I didn’t see any weakness of the program and the cost was very reasonable,” Linda S. - Missouri

  • “I could do it at my convenience and in my home. Thank you. The course fit my budget perfectly,” Merrill U. - Texas

  • “I could take it on my own pace and do it anytime,” Ronald B. - Georgia

  • “It saved a lot of time and money. I could take this course at home in my spare time, instead of taking a whole Saturday off and spending 6 hours or more in a classroom. You may cover more ground in a classroom, however, this covered all the necessary info,” Pamela A. - Texas

You can take a court ordered driving course and get point reduction for traffic violations. Get a defensive driving course online at our driving school.

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