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Corporate drivers may have a license to operate a vehicle, but that does not mean they always drive safely. Consider these facts:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle crashes cost employers more than $50 billion every year in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, and lost productivity.

When a worker has an on-the-job crash that results in injuries, the cost to the employer is more than $24,000.

In one year, employer medical care spending on crash injuries was nearly $9 billion. Another $9 billion was spent on sick leave and life and disability insurance for crash victims.

Your company is responsible for enforcing safe driving practices to minimize liability for your organization. ETI comprehensive driving safety programs specifically tailored for corporate drivers. Our industry-tested courses create positive driver attitudes and help prevent for traffic violations, reducing the likelihood of your employees being involved in collisions. We meet this objective by providing a convenient educational opportunity that both engages and motivates your employees.

Employee driving safety programs can be helpful in reducing the hardship associated with on-the-job vehicle accidents or injuries. These courses not only reduce the financial impact on companies, but can also reduce insurance rates, workers' compensation payments, and administrative overhead.

These courses usually cover such relevant topics as strategies for defensive driving, safe driving for various environments, and the effects of alcohol and drug use on drivers. By applying these safe driving techniques, employees will be ready to handle unpredictable or potentially dangerous situations.

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ETI offers corporate fleet discounts for small and large companies that has vehicle fleets. Taking a Defensive Driving Class can offer your company huge benefits. You can allow your staff to take the course at home or in the office through our web traffic school. Online Traffic School is a cost efficient way to have your employees become safer more educated drivers.

If you need a court ordered driving course for traffic violations you can take that course and be state certified in many states at our internet traffic school. Some states offer point reduction for successfully completing a defensive driving course. The bottom line is that these courses develop driver improvement in many levels.

If you are a first time driver and need a Florida traffic school, we offer a Florida online traffic school. Vehicle operation education has increased driver improvement and decreased accidents nationwide.

Texas defensive driving offers a state certified vehicle operation defensive driving course Texas. If you need a defensive driving school that you can take from home. ETI's driving school offers online defensive driving, online defensive driving Texas. Take a defensive driving course online today!