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Florida 4-Hour Traffic School Course This 4-hour basic driver improvement (BDI) course has been approved in Florida for ticket dismissal, court-ordered traffic school and DHSMV-ordered traffic collision and avoidance course (TCAC).

Florida First-Time Driver Course This 4-hour first-time driver course is approved in Florida and fulfills the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course requirement for Florida Learner's License candidates.

Florida 8-Hour Traffic School Course The 8-hour course is offered to Florida drivers who have already taken the 4-hour course within the last 12 months. Please check with your Court, to verify if they permit an 8-hour course option for a second offense within a 12 month period.

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You can now get a Florida Defensive Driving Class. E-Training Institute is a Florida Online traffic school and offers an online defensive driving Texas style. Our Florida Traffic School is a defensive driving school that is an important part of making our roads safer and having drivers that are far more educated to handle extreme situations. The Florida driver improvement Florida first time driver program has made a huge difference in educating our teens and getting them home safely. 

Traffic violations are a part of everyday life. Even when you are trying to be careful you can still be involved in an accident that will require you to go to traffic school. If you have to take a course ordered driving course you can do it online for many states. There are traffic schools all over the US to choose from. Many driving schools offer in-house classes for driver improvement.  If you have been told that you have to go to driving school, consider and internet traffic school. Take a Class Today! Be a part of Florida Driver Improvement.

An online traffic school will allow you to take your Defensive Driving Course Online in one or multiple settings. Web traffic school is the latest concept in interactive education that enhances the educational experience when taking a defensive driving course. People have been surprised about the ability to go to defensive driving school on the internet. Traffic school online is an amazing concept that is efficient, effective and well developed.

We have state certified courses that qualify for point reduction and court ordered driving course requirements.