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Florida First Time Driver Course [Change]

The Florida Teen Driver course combines text and animations to create an on-line experience that’s interesting and interactive. During this 4-hour driving program you will explore a range of topics from the reasons behind collisions to the problems associated with drugs and alcohol.

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There are four 60-minute sessions within this course. During each chapter, there are a number of short quizzes that you are required to complete. Please review the material if you have chosen wrong answers on the quizzes and attempt to answer again. At the end of the course, you will be required to take a 40-question final exam. You must score at least 80 percent on the exam (32 out of 40 correct). If you score below 80 percent, you will be allowed to take the final exam one more time after you review the material.

The course includes these topics:

  • Your responsibilities as a driver

  • Statistics about teen drivers

  • How to handle driving distractions

  • Safe driving and occupant protection

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